​​​​​​​Kelly Duda’s first feature documentary, “Factor 8: The Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal,” premiered in Hollywood at the American Film Institute Los Angeles Film Festival (AFI Fest) and garnered international publicity and strong reviews from industry magazines such as Variety and Film Threat. "Factor 8" explored how the state of Arkansas harvested tainted blood from its inmate population and sold it around the world infecting thousands of patients with HIV and hepatitis C. Kelly’s investigative work helped victims in Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan receive national compensation from their governments. He’s currently working on a follow-up called “Factor 8: The Special Edition.”

In addition to having been a producer at Arkansas PBS affiliate AETN, Kelly was part of the Peabody Award-winning team that produced the Fuji-TV documentary "The Hepatitis C Epidemic: A 15-Year Government Cover-Up," as well as Robert Greenwald's controversial documentary, "Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price." Kelly was also a field producer on "The ACLU Freedom Files" and ran audio for the HBO comedy hit the "Da Ali G Show," (Sacha Baron Cohen). As an activist, Kelly has also testified in Parliament on behalf of tainted blood victims in the UK; marched with Martin Luther King III and thousands of others in the “Free the Jena 6” rally, in Jena, Louisiana; accompanied actor/activist George Takei to the site of the Japanese-American internment camp he and his family were held captive in during WWII; and played an active role in helping free the wrongly convicted “West Memphis Three” from prison.